Friday, February 4, 2011

Ani - GOD's favorite DEVIL

Not for nothing that I call myself so.......GOD's favorite DEVIL.
For a lovable Devil that I am...wink ..wink.

Born on the 23rd of June,1985...the day India saw it worst air disaster.....I had to be one...
Laziness draws its inspiration from that makes me a LAZY DEVIL as quiet harmless.

Always game of anything that u might throw at me....I specialize in bugging my buddies to the extent of driving them NUTS....A recent example would be the incident where I wrecked...and I mean WRECKED the wrought iron cot of my unfortunate roomie....when I jumped over that fatass...He had to spend the night cuddled up as a BOW on his arched bed.

In another incident.....years ago...I was chased by a girl for I placed the dust-bin on top of the door and when she pushed the door open...she found herself capped by the bin. The chase incidentally ended with a cracked skull (mine of course) and a very very scared girl (the one who was chasing me to get a piece of me). She still has not changed one bit...Still feisty....... still adorable...and still a very good friend.

I am AKA mastermind....for my exploits with my extra-ordinary budhi...albeit in the ingenious ways, it’s to poke my friends. The manner in which I manipulate it at times, looks way too much for an ordinary human it spilling ink using medical syringes on the white uniform of Traffic police while travelling back from school or drawing modern art on all the pages of the only notebook that my classmate used to bring to college to take notes. Thanks to such daredevilry, I celebrated my b'day almost every single being on the receiving end of 'all are invited' B'day Bumps throughout my campus me..the thought of it still hurts....

Lovable Devil.. 

 Once my Mom discover "I LOVE U POOJA" in one of my notebooks...Frankly, I don't remember having a friend named Pooja. It was while I was in 3rd or 4th std. So Ms.Pooja...if u r reading this, trust me I meant it...and if u are still single....I'm still available. Others are welcome as well.

Enough said. Now I'm gonna stop this, lest my victims feel the need to take rrrrrrrevenge for all my deeds. Trust me guys...there was no malice in any of these acts and given a chance I would most certainly like to repeat them long as I'm guaranteed that i would continue escaping after all these 'deeds'.

But for a lovable devil that I am....I plan to continueeeeee.....

[P.S. for those not so lucky victims of mine (e.g.-Manu, Pai, Kochi, Motabhai and others) whose story I didnt speak out....plz forgive me. In case u insist.....I'll be happy to explain those incidents involving u in detail...]


  1. Looks like the post is back on public demand or is it because you frustration is over

  2. On Public demand. :-)
    Many found this one good and wanted me to restore it.

  3. Mr Devil...That was a fantastic work...beyond words.
    Even though I wouldnt like to remember the deeds you did to and on me, let the world know it! Let them knw hw bechaara I was and hw i tolerated u... just kidding yaar...time jst flys away wit a buddy/bro/kid like u :) my undisputed best friend :)